Online version of wall-mounted advertising machine

Network wall-mounted advertising machine (rounded corners, right angles) Fandou advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD display to realize information d

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Network wall-mounted advertising machine (rounded corners, right angles)


Fandou advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD display to realize information display and video advertisement playback through networking and multimedia system control. Fandou's fully upgraded LCD advertising machine adopts industrial-grade LCD panels of world-renowned brands such as Samsung and LG, and the leading decoding technology, which can perfectly play 1080P full HD images smoothly. The fashionable and novel appearance, outstanding display effect, convenient operation, and flexible display method have broken through the limitation of space, and can meet almost any of your indoor and outdoor information and advertising needs, and easily convey your ideas and creativity!





Product advantages


Outstanding picture quality: high brightness, high contrast, support 1920*1080P HD playback, even in bright places can be perfectly displayed.

Fashionable appearance: The fashionable and novel appearance naturally integrates with the environment. Explosion-proof, anti-dazzle and other functions are customized to meet your diverse requirements.

Convenient operation: the stand-alone advertising machine can be easily played through USB and SD card; the network form breaks through the limitation of region and time, remote control through the network, one control terminal can manage multiple play points.

Flexible installation: According to the requirements of different places, it can provide a variety of installation methods such as floor-mounted, embedded, wall-mounted, and spliced.

Personalized settings: The stand-alone version of the advertising machine can be plug-and-play, more considerate, set up a security lock to prevent the storage medium from being changed at will, allowing you to rest assured that it is suitable for public places.

Intelligent fan design: industrial-grade fan design standard, ultra-quiet cooling fan design, longer life of the whole machine.




*Using a professional digital processing engine, using cutting-edge processing technologies such as motion detection and compensation operations, interpolation operations, edge smoothing and 3D filtering separation TNR noise reduction technology, clutter signal suppression, etc., to achieve high image quality, high resolution and improvement Sawtooth and edge walk.

*Adopt Mstar ACE-5 automatic color and image enhancement engine to improve image contrast, detail, skin tone, high edge brightness and good image quality and clarity.

*Using industrial-grade panel, the performance is more stable, the service life is more than 60,000 hours, and it can work continuously for 7*24 hours.

*Support SD card/CF card.

*Support horizontal/vertical screen playback, support 180 degree rotation function.

*Automatic looping when starting up, support breakpoint memory and advertisement insertion function.

* Manually update the playback content.

* Support the function of copying and deleting files directly on this machine, and support USB file update function.

*According to the actual situation, you can randomly divide pictures and scrolling subtitles in many different fields. The video area can be customized to play.

*Support USB playback, support hot swap, content update is convenient and fast.

*Play mode: single repeat play, folder loop play, full disk loop play.

* Picture playback: rotate, zoom, pan, slide show, background music playback.





Fandou advertising machine application field


Fandou LCD advertising machine is widely used in advertising and information release in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, banks, securities, hotels, commercial buildings, airports and other places.

* Indoor media: electronic signs such as stations and airports, bank securities information cards, factory and mine workshop record cards, shopping mall building billboards, hotel catering electronic signs, advertising displays...

* Outdoor media: electronic display windows, external wall advertisements...

* Special applications: electronic albums, magic stitching, stage display...