49 inch LCD advertising machine

49 inch LCD advertising machine◆ Tempered glass panel, aluminum alloy profile on the side, cold-rolled plate of the fuselage.◆ The appearance is dignified and elegant, the appearance is elegant and th

  • Model: 49 inch LCD advertising machine

49 inch LCD advertising machine

◆ Tempered glass panel, aluminum alloy profile on the side, cold-rolled plate of the fuselage.

◆ The appearance is dignified and elegant, the appearance is elegant and the modern sense is strong.

◆ The product is equipped with high-end sound effects, perfect sound quality.

◆ Adopt integrated and modular overall structure design.

◆ HD LCD panel for clearer display.

◆ High temperature baking paint, color is optional.


1) Support real-time updates of publicity such as videos, texts, pictures, etc.;

2) Support multiple play control methods: loop play, insert play, time play, etc.;

3) Support scheduled playback, support for adding, deleting, and changing the number of broadcast task information, whether to load text propaganda, playback method (loop broadcast, interstitial broadcast, etc.), selection of outlets, content format

4) Support functions such as addition, deletion, modification and query of outlets; group management; can control different outlets to play different playback content, and can control the number of times specific playback content is played in different outlets.

5) Support the group management of the advertising machine terminal, the management of the authority of the operator into groups, and the hierarchical management.

6) Support insertion, you can insert video, picture, subtitle at any time, and the insertion content of each outlet can be customized.

7) Play content review management.

8) Customer information management.

9) Support remote control in LAN or public network environment.

10) Support scheduled start, scheduled shutdown, scheduled restart, remote wakeup

Product parameters

product name:

49 inch wall-mounted advertising machine

Standard sizes:

Body: 1140*77*671.6mm


Tempered glass of front shell, aluminum profile on the side, cold rolled plate

Bandage method:

Carton + Pearl Cotton









Viewing angle:

(Up/Down/Left/Right): 89°/89°/89°/89°

Response time:



16.7M colors

Operating temperature:


Storage temperature:


Operating humidity:


Storage humidity:




Power supply:

100V~240V AC

Installation method:


Exterior color:

Aluminum profile frame (black), sheet metal back shell (black), tempered glass inlay

Signal input and output:

2 USB update interfaces, 1 RJ45 network port, 1 SD card slot

Storage media:

4G sandisk SD card

Menu language:

Chinese and English menu

Video support format:

Support almost all video formats (rm, rmvb, avi, mpeg, mpg, dat, mov, asf, mtv, mkv, wmv, 3gp, amv, dmv, divx, etc.

Audio support format:

mp3, wma, wav, etc.

Picture support format:


Other supported formats:

Word/excel documents, pdf documents, RSS real-time news, flash animations, dynamic web pages.

Picture split:

Video area, graphic area, rolling subtitles, LOGO area, date area, time area, week area, weather forecast area, real-time picture area, real-time video area...

System upgrade mode:

U disk update, network update

System management mode:

Unified management, group management, multi-user management, remote management, timing switch

Remote operation mode:

Remote automatic switch on and off, remote update and edit program, remote monitoring status

System playback mode:

Support multiple playback modes such as loop, timing, insertion, etc.

Built-in speaker:

Built-in mini dual speakers

Network support methods:


operating system:

WINDOWS/Android system

system structure:

Adopt advanced B/S (Browser/Server) management structure

Safety index:

Security indicators: Support hardware dongle, login password, control password, and hierarchical user permission settings