Non-contact thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement can be used to achieve accurate matching of personnel and temperature, and the first line of defense can be established; metal detection can be performed on personn

  • Model: Non-contact thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement can be used to achieve accurate matching of personnel and temperature, and the first line of defense can be established; metal detection can be performed on personnel who have passed the inspection, integrating temperature measurement and metal detection; rapid screening can effectively reduce the workload of inspection and improve effectiveness. PH90 temperature measuring door is convenient for screening patients with fever symptoms to reduce the spread of infection and epidemic. It is suitable for entry and exit ports, airports, stations, docks, hospitals, institutions, factories, cinemas, schools, hotels and office buildings. Detection.

  Product advantages

   Non-sensing temperature sensing: non-contact, non-sensing temperature sensing, real-time body temperature monitoring for personnel passing through the security gate, response time <0.5s;

  Temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃, measuring distance: within 0.5m, measuring height: more than 1.5m (multi-array configuration can be applied to any height, if there are other requirements for height, it can be customized);

Temperature monitoring: It can be set by a safe temperature threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, a local sound and light alarm of the security gate can be linked to establish the first line of defense; the sound and light alarm screening is carried out when the body temperature is lower than 36.0℃ or higher than 37.3℃ ); no calibration required;

   Face capture: The person who passes through the security gate can take a face capture, the success rate of the capture is more than 99%, and the security inspection process can be checked (optional);

  Metal detection: It can detect metals and effectively verify the violations;

   Networking function: It can realize networking and interworking, and use the platform to integrate face data, passenger flow data, alarm data, accurate matching of personnel and temperature and other data, (optional);

  Multi-zone alarm function: multiple metals in different positions of the human body will alarm simultaneously when passing through the security door, and can indicate the position of multiple metals, up to 18 zones;

   Modular component design: convenient transportation and maintenance;


   Internationally leading digital pulse technology with stable performance;

   Low power consumption, continuous and accurate alarm in multiple zones;

  Multi-frequency operation with strong anti-interference;

  Can conduct data collection, reading, parameter setting, data generation and operation status monitoring on multiple security gate networked real-time terminals;

  Intelligent access count and alarm count;

  Metal size can be identified according to metal quantity figures;

   Equipped with 7-inch color screen and supports multiple languages;

  Intuitive power display and insufficient power prompt;

  Modular design parts are plug-and-play, easy to install, and easy to troubleshoot;

   One key to restore factory settings;

   Remote control configuration is easy to operate;

   The detection performance reaches the international A level, continuous working 8H, can work stably;

  Function description

   Chinese and English display: A 7-inch color screen is used, and supports Chinese and English display;

  Electrical power display: through graphics, you can intuitively observe the power usage and have a reminder of insufficient power;

Snapshot and linkage function: when the device alarms, the metal detection door can output a switch signal, which can control the operation of multiple wing gates, three rollers, time attendance, access control and other equipment, and can cooperate with the corresponding camera and video recorder to achieve ordinary snapshot or Alarm snapshot, you can query the corresponding image through the video recorder (optional);

Multiple networking: RJ45 interface can be provided, connected to the computer via a network cable, multiple devices can be managed at the same time, using special software to real-time data on the device, such as the number of people, sound alarm time, alarm volume, flash alarm time, sensitivity, working frequency , Interface language, independent setting of alarm partition, etc. for reading and setting;

  Expansion interface: multiple expansion interfaces can be reserved, signal output function, can be connected to three roller gate, wing gate, access control, attendance machine, and equipment that need to be controlled by mutual linkage;

  LCD backlight: 0-99s display time is continuously adjustable;

   Recognition function: When the device detects metal objects of different sizes, it can emit alarm sounds of different frequencies and distinguish the metal size by digital size, and it is displayed directly on the top of the screen;

Intelligent counting: the intelligent alarm counting function can realize six-digit counting, separately count and enter the number of people, record the alarm time, with one-key clearing and partial clearing function, the data can be exported through the TF card, and read through the computer and Query, record data up to more than 100,000;

   Detection zone location: Single or multi-zone continuous and accurate alarms can be set as needed, and 1-18 zone alarms can be set freely;

  Flyer detection: throw a dollar coin through the metal detection door, the detection door can alarm;

  Self-diagnosis: Built-in self-test program, which can automatically detect whether each module is operating normally and has a fault prompt when it is turned on;

   Anti-interference: It has a DSP signal processing digital filtering system, has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability and strong resistance to touch and collision, and can operate normally under crowded conditions;

   Circuit characteristics: The composite circuit design can effectively reduce false alarms and omissions. The intelligent alarm counting function can count six digits and automatically save them for easy inquiry, and record the alarm time at the same time;

   Sensitivity: The zone sensitivity is 0~255, and the overall sensitivity is adjustable from 0~4096 levels;

  Alarm setting: simultaneous sound and light alarm, 0~99S alarm time, 0~255 level volume, 1~99 level tone adjustable;

   Vibration protection: can prevent false alarm caused by vibration interference;

  Passing speed: the system can adjust the passing speed according to the needs of people and according to the needs. Can be adjusted down from the fastest 100 people/minute;

   Power-off protection: The system is equipped with a built-in battery, which can automatically charge the battery when using external mains electricity. When the mains power is cut off, the system can automatically switch to the backup battery;

   Equipped with battery: power supply 6-8H;

   Application setting: Built-in multiple application options, you can quickly choose the passing speed and sensitivity suitable for the environment;

   Waterproof design: waterproof grade IP55;

  Safety standard: It conforms to the currently adopted national standard safety standard, uses weak magnetic field emission technology, and is harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes, etc.;




















温度-20℃~+55℃  湿度:0~95%





Mines, government agencies, public security organs, procuratorates, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations, stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, large-scale gatherings and other places and factories such as hardware, electronics, jewelry, military industry, coinage large enterprise.