65 inch horizontal touch one machine

65 inch horizontal touch one machineResolution: 1920*1080Brightness: 500cd/m2feature of product:Fashionable appearance, imitating an apple-like appearance, silver aluminum alloy frame design, full met

  • Model: 65 inch horizontal touch one machine

65 inch horizontal touch one machine

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 500cd/m2

feature of product:

Fashionable appearance, imitating an apple-like appearance, silver aluminum alloy frame design, full metal shell, the whole machine is beautiful, generous and high-end.

The original imported brand LED high-definition display panel production, the picture quality display is clearer, and the power consumption is lower.

The surface frame of the product is protected by high-grade toughened glass, which is resistant to wear, scratches and damage.

The vertical solid base makes the product more convenient to use.

Built-in infrared touch screen, using the latest high-precision touch technology, unique circuit design, intelligent judgment and infrared anti-interference and other advanced technologies, strong stability and sensitive response.

Equipped with Intel I3 high-speed processor, 4G memory, 500G hard disk, it can efficiently process real 1080P video files and various types of big data files.

Industrial-grade power supply system, with its own constant temperature cooling system, can meet 24*7 continuous uninterrupted playback.

product description:

*Operating system: WIN7.

*Play mode supports multiple play modes such as looping, timing, and insertion.

*Support remote setting of timer play/sleep/screen switch/restart function.

*Support FTP breakpoint resume function, save time and improve work efficiency.

*Support remote query function, you can query the current expansion status of the terminal and file information in the background at any time, which is convenient for supervision.

*Using high-precision touch technology, strong stability, sensitive response, and will not drift due to changes in time and environment.

*The touch on the touch screen does not require force, and there is no special requirement for the touch body. No matter whether the touch object is hard or conductive, it will not affect normal use.

*The resolution of the interpolation algorithm can be as high as 32767*32767; it supports plug and play, fast scanning speed, and solves the problems of incoherent handwriting.

*In terms of use conditions, it is not subject to interference from current, voltage and static electricity, and can adapt to certain harsh environmental conditions.

*The internal use of professional small flat infrared tubes, stable luminescence, high energy, and significantly increased working life.

Product application areas:

1. Government institutions integrate the hall calling system, and build tax "digital communication windows" in tax halls and office buildings.

2. Auto 4S stores install large-screen "digital communication windows" in flagship store lobby, service hall and other places, release various multimedia promotional videos, new car introductions, and access maintenance updates.

3. The chain bookstore adopts the LCD interactive system, and installs large-screen "digital communication windows" in the bookstore lobby, passages, escalator openings and other places to promote new books, record DVDs, etc. through the large screen.

4. The hotel adopts an LCD interactive system, installs large-screen "digital communication windows" in lobbies, service desks, aisles and other places, and provides customers with hotel introductions, flights, maps, weather, and scenic spots through the full-HD large screen and interactive touch screen. Financial market dynamics, local life and entertainment information, etc. can all use mutual aid interaction systems and multimedia playback systems to complete real-time information release.