Touch screen inquiry machine

Touch screen inquiry machinefeature of product:Customizable display 17-24 inchIntegrated structure design, dignified and elegant appearance; beautiful and generous appearance, streamlined shape, stron

  • Model: Touch screen inquiry machine

Touch screen inquiry machine

feature of product:

Customizable display 17-24 inch

Integrated structure design, dignified and elegant appearance; beautiful and generous appearance, streamlined shape, strong modern sense.

The body is all-steel structure, and you can choose metal smooth paint, metal matte paint, sandblasted paint, and a variety of colors for your choice.

Industrial-grade power supply system, with its own constant temperature cooling system, can meet 7*24 hours of continuous playback without interruption.

It has excellent scalability and maintainability, and can be designed and equipped with thermal printers, magnetic stripe card readers, non-contact IC/ID card readers, 64-bit or 16-bit metal keyboards, etc., and receipt printing according to customer requirements. And other functions;

Plug and play when power on in place, eliminating on-site installation and debugging.

Touch screen inquiry machine

product description:

1. The system can support more than 100 types of services;

2. The system supports unified online issuance of more than ten units;

3. The system supports multiple waiting areas to prompt waiting information, and the voice and display of each waiting area can be independent;

4. The picture of the number issuing machine interface can be completely changed by customers according to their own personalized design;

5. Customers of various business keys can completely change according to their own personalized design;

6. Customers of various business queues can increase or decrease arbitrarily as needed;

7. The number of people waiting for each business can be set independently and displayed on the interface and can be typeset at will;

8. The working hours and suspension periods of various businesses can be set independently by customers;

9. The increase or decrease of operating staff and the login account customers can completely change independently;

10. The information of the voice call can be changed independently by the customer;

11. Any information displayed on the display screen can be changed independently by customers;

12. The customer can set the serial number for each business by the customer, such as: VIP business or wealth management business can be set to 1-200, foreign currency business can be set to 201-500, and RMB business is set to 501-9999 Within the number

13. Customers of the business queue handled by staff can set the priority arbitrarily;

14. The text content, pattern, business name, time format, font and size change, paper length, etc. on the ticket can be set independently by customers;

15. The system supports the addition of monitoring software at the duty manager to handle various special situations;

16. The system supports a variety of display devices such as high-definition plasma displays, large screens, and TV walls to display rich queue information;

17. The system has powerful statistical management functions and can realize remote monitoring;

18. The system can be configured with customer evaluator and queuing information (SMS) prompt function as required.

Touch screen inquiry machine

Application areas:

1. Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiries and service promotion in business locations)

2. Telecommunications (business query in the business hall, business promotion in the experience hall)

3. Government agencies (public information release, open government affairs)

4. Shopping center (shopping guide, commodity and commodity inquiry, advertising promotion)

5. Fashion product flagship store, specialty store (new product recommendation)

6. Company reception room or meeting room (company introduction, exhibit display)

7. Exhibition hall and venue design company (event venue layout)

8. Car 4S shop (car model display)

9. Furniture and artwork store (product display)

10. Cinema (movie trailer and film clip appreciation)

11. Office building and apartment lobby (advertising)

12. Tourist attractions (introduction to scenic spots and route navigation)

13. Museums and exhibition halls (introduction of cultural relics)