55 inch outdoor advertising machine

55 inch outdoor advertising machineEach play area can be freely arranged and layered, and can be played horizontally and vertically.The screen area is freely split, and can be combined with pictures,

  • Model: 55 inch outdoor advertising machine

55 inch outdoor advertising machine

Each play area can be freely arranged and layered, and can be played horizontally and vertically.

The screen area is freely split, and can be combined with pictures, audio, video, web pages, clocks, dates, subtitles, and edits of mixed materials.

Support program and playlist preview, real-time monitoring of playback screens, multi-stage timer switch settings.

Different users can set different operating permissions.

Distributed management supports remote or local control.

Support Android mobile phone or tablet terminal to send program list to the playing terminal, remote monitoring, time switch function.

The screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to the surrounding environment.

Support all kinds of regular audio/video, and office documents.

Support wired, wifi, 4G network.

  Parameter Description

Product Name Component Specification Model

Features: Sheet metal shell The sheet metal shell is made of 1.5mm SGCC galvanized steel sheet, the inner layer is sprayed with zinc-rich base powder, and the surface layer is sprayed with DuPont outdoor plastic powder for protection. The service life is guaranteed for more than 10 years;

Explosion-proof glass 4mm AR tempered glass, light transmittance 95%, tempered explosion-proof;

High-brightness LCD screen Outdoor high-brightness liquid crystal display, LED direct-lit backlight, brightness 2000cd/m2, visible under sunlight;

Screen resolution HD 1920*1080;

Automatic sensitized probe adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light, saves energy and reduces light pollution;

Electric control system air switch, electronic control protection;

Microcomputer time switch, control the start and stop of the machine by time-sharing;

Lightning protection device, lightning protection level C, to prevent instantaneous lightning strikes;

Taiwan Mingwei industrial grade power supply, stable and reliable power supply;

Cooling system Intelligent fan integrated temperature control, the display is not blackened in the outdoor environment of -20-+50 degrees, the whole machine works normally;

The axial flow fan is equipped with a fan speed control board, which automatically senses the temperature and automatically adjusts the fan speed, saves energy and reduces the service life of the fan;

Efficient multi-layer filtration system to isolate harmful dust into the machine, the overall protection level reaches IP65;

Test system spray waterproof test; high and low temperature test; solar radiation test; machine aging test;

Monitoring system 1. Monitor fan status and speed parameters.

2. Monitor screen status and parameters.

3. Monitor the temperature and humidity inside the chassis.

4, can set the temperature and humidity alarm threshold.

5. The device alarm abnormal parameters can be sent to the specified mailbox.

6. The management terminal displays the related device abnormal alarm information in real time.

Display Screen size: 55 inches LCD Display area: 1209*680 Display ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920*1080 Brightness: 2000cd/m2 Contrast: 4000:1

Screen pitch: 0.630*0.630 Viewing angle: 178° (H) / 178 ° (V)

Camera 200W HD camera

Product structure Protection class IP65

Installation method

Protective glass 4mm high AR glass


Packing size (wooden packaging)

Operating parameters brightness control automatic photosensitive system

Temperature control intelligent fan automatic temperature sensing

Working environment Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C Operating humidity: 5% to 90%

Power supply AC110~240V

Power 850W