49 inch vertical LCD advertising machine

49 inch vertical LCD advertising machine3D digital filtering noise reduction, progressive scanning, the picture is real and delicate;Intelligent screen protection function to prevent burns;A variety o

  • Model: 49 inch vertical LCD advertising machine

49 inch vertical LCD advertising machine

3D digital filtering noise reduction, progressive scanning, the picture is real and delicate;

Intelligent screen protection function to prevent burns;

A variety of high-definition signal interfaces, strong compatibility;

Intelligent backlight brightness control, improve the visual effect of images, save energy and save electricity.

Intelligent temperature-controlled heat dissipation/heating system ensures stable operation of the machine in the best environment.

Each play area can be freely arranged and layered, and can be played horizontally and vertically.

The screen area is freely split, and can be combined with pictures, audio, video, web pages, clocks, dates, subtitles, and edits of mixed materials.

Support program and playlist preview, real-time monitoring of playback screen, multi-stage timer switch settings, automatic reset.

Different users can set different operating permissions.

Distributed management supports remote or local control.

Support Android mobile phone or tablet terminal to send program list to the playing terminal, remote monitoring, time switch function.

The screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to the surrounding environment.

Support all kinds of regular audio/video, and office documents.

Support wired, wifi, 3G network.

Parameter Description

Product Name Specifications

Display LCD screen: 49-inch TFT screen

Screen ratio: 16:9 Resolution: 1920*1080 Display area: 1074*604

Pitch: 0.279*0.279 Contrast: 4000:1 Brightness: 400cd/m2

Response time: 6ms Viewing angle: Horizontal / vertical: 178 ° Backlight: LED backlight

Motherboard solution 10 points high precision infrared touch screen

Light transmittance is 90%, resolution: 4096*4096

Minimum touch body: ≧3mm Response speed: <10ms

Surface hardness: Mohs 7 grade Scan rate: 50scans/s

Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C,

Durability: 10 points of touch with more than 60 million times

Operating system: Windows7XP2003Linux, MacOS

Motherboard Solution Motherboard: RK3288 Quad Core Frequency 2.0GHZ

Memory: 2GB

Built-in storage: EMMC 8G (expandable 64G)

Operating System: 6.0

Android interface USB*2/SD CARD/AUDIO OUT/network port

Accessories, remote control, warranty card, certificate, power cord

Product Structure Product Architecture Hardware Case + Paint Process + Aluminum Frame

Installation method

Protective glass 2mm tempered glass

Weight 42.2kg

Size 736*241*1836(L*W*H,mm)

Operating parameters brightness control automatic photosensitive system

Temperature control intelligent fan automatic temperature sensing

Working environment Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C Operating humidity: 5% to 90%

Power supply AC110~240V

Power 145W

Optional OPS computer CPU Intel core i3/i5/i7

Running memory 4GB

Storage 128G SSD

Interface USB*2/VGA/HDMI/RJ45*1/AUDIO

System: windows

Touch screen 1, 10 points high precision, G+G touch screen

2, 10 points high precision, infrared touch screen