How to place an advertising machine to maximize its effect?

2020-06-03 14:36:54 hongling

How to place an advertising machine to maximize its effect?

1. Place near the crowd

The intelligent interactive advertising machine can be used to the maximum extent by placing it in a place with more people. In general, it's better to place it near the entrance than near the exit, because consumers are still fresh when they first enter a retail store. When multimedia LCD advertising machines are spread over a larger area, such as a retail store, the machines should be placed on popular routes along the route, so that people can find them more easily. Because people don’t like to wait, especially when they are buying things, they should put enough advertising machines in their branches to ensure that they can serve consumers more quickly.

Second, place multiple advertising machines in multiple locations

The placement is good, but when there are too few machines, the advertising effect of the advertising machine cannot be maximized, including long waits, which will lead to reduced sales and consumer dissatisfaction. The best deployment plan is to provide enough digital signage advertising machines to ensure good coverage in all places, even if a machine is undergoing maintenance will not affect the normal operation of the store. After using a lot of equipment, sales have increased significantly, and consumers are also very happy in shopping.

3. Continuously broadcast advertisements to let consumers know

When a company provides a continuous product advertising message through the display device of the advertising machine, the result will make people willing to spend more time or even money to learn more about the product and service. When the LCD advertising machine is based on the understanding of human psychology, it can bring huge benefits to most companies.

LCD advertising machine is a brand-new media concept, which refers to the large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, theaters and other public places where people gather, through the large-screen terminal display equipment, to release commercial, financial and entertainment information multimedia Professional audiovisual system. The system products can broadcast advertisement information to specific people in specific physical places and in specific time periods. At the same time, they can also count and record the playback time, playback times and playback range of multimedia content, even during playback. Realize powerful functions such as interactive functions, recording viewing times, user stay time and so on.