Development of Digital Signage Android Advertising Machine

2020-06-03 14:35:27 hongling

Development of Digital Signage Android Advertising Machine

The key to the development, further growth and growth of the digital signage industry is to break through the “use bottleneck” of content and realize the reconstruction of the industrial ecology with “content industry” as the core node.

First, traditional digital signage hardware, software and operating companies can get involved in the content industry. For example, within the company, a customer content service department with animation and video as its main business areas was established. In terms of business form, it sells content service business to customers separately, undertakes various content production, or packages content services and software and hardware systems into packages for sale. Digital signage companies are involved in content services, which has a good demonstration effect. Especially in the current state where the content is in the "seller" market, digital signage companies can directly use the advantaged price method to directly lower the customer's comprehensive application cost, and realize the unification of economic benefits and social benefits of industrial development.

In addition, this approach can not only solve the urgent needs of users, but also effectively improve the dilemma of the business development of enterprises under the situation that the gross profit of digital signage hardware and system products continues to decline. Even in the long run, content-based revenue can become the main source of profit for digital signage companies.

Second, leading companies in the digital signage industry can form alliances with companies in the traditional audiovisual industry and advertising content industry. While selling digital signage products to users, help them choose reliable content service providers and solve customer application problems. This is a quick and low-risk method.

Third, in the choice of channels in the grassroots market, digital signage companies should cooperate more with "traditional advertising panels". In small and medium-sized cities, promote traditional advertising exhibitors to switch to digital signage downstream service organizations, suggest and support these enterprises to establish "service capabilities" based on audiovisual, animation and computer information content. This change will build the most extensive content support ecosystem for digital signage systems and become the industrial foundation for the popularization of digital signs to the small and medium-sized city market and the most basic application demand positions.

The digital signage industry can only realize the "blue ocean development" in the minds of digital signage enterprises by realizing the transformation of the industry participants themselves, partners and midstream and downstream channels to an ecological model centered on "content".

In fact, the author believes that emphasizing the central position of content services in the digital signage industry is to return to the "service industry" essence of the digital signage industry. This is not to deny the value of hardware products, but to highlight the customer's needs and customer value under the new business model such as industry "ecological concept" and product "application life". Seize the customer needs and customer value, that is, seize the customer, seize the market. So there is such a conclusion, for the digital signage industry: content = customer value and demand = service = industry's future.