How to choose high-return elevator media advertising machine

2020-06-03 14:34:27 hongling

How many people can really understand the real meaning of elevator media advertising machines? In our daily life, I believe that everyone often sees installations in some prosperous communities, buildings, shopping malls and other places. If we go to purchase, how can we buy high-return elevator media advertising machines? Learn about: 


1. First, everyone should know where the elevator media advertising machine is installed? There are not many indoor spaces, and then the specifications of the elevator advertising machine are set. The media advertising machine advertising machine usually installed in the elevator car proposes three specifications: 18.5, 21.5, and 27 inches. Secondly, you cannot choose a large and heavy elevator advertising machine, which will cause inconvenience to installation and will be difficult to manage in the future.

2. Installation method: It is recommended that you use double-sided tape or glass tape, which will not only damage the wall, but also bring convenience to the installation and help prevent theft.



Advantages and functions of elevator media advertising machine:

1. The elevator advertising machine appears in a closed environment, the advertising rate and attention will be relatively high, because other advertising interference factors are less;

2. People in the elevator have poor cell phone signals. Few people in the elevator send WeChat and make phone calls. Unless it is urgent, the normal way is to wait quietly;

3. People who take the elevator usually get bored and always want to find something to do or watch, but they can't do anything in the elevator. At this time, the elevator advertising machine appeared, which was called timely.

4. The cost of the elevator advertising machine is not high, and the cost per thousand people is more appropriate. Compared with other media, it is competitive;

5. Elevator advertising is a branch of indoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is mainly to build a brand image, but the elevator advertising machine has both a brand image and a promotional function, which can effectively stimulate consumers' buying interest.

6. The bank's own image is good, and the elevator brand used is also very good. Investing in advertising machines in such an environment to provide constructive assistance to customers' brand image, many senior customers are also happy to accept.