In the Internet age, how should the LED screen brand change with the "machine"?

2020-06-03 14:28:20 hongling

In the Internet age, how should the LED screen brand change with the "machine"?

Project overview:

        There is no doubt that the industrial Internet has become a general trend. "Cloud" and "network" are more prosperous in all walks of life. In this new trend, how does the LED display industry make full use of the three advantages of deep cultivation channels, technology and data, and strive to In order to integrate more valuable resource scenarios and more life-cycle-oriented marketing solutions for brands, so as to achieve precise reach and efficient transformation, the "Internet + brand industry" model provides a good breakthrough for this.

        Create "Internet Industry Cluster + Screen Enterprise Brand"

        As we all know, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Nanchang, Jiangxi, Xiamen, Fujian, etc. are relatively well-known LED industry clusters in China, but currently only Shenzhen, Guangdong is a well-known LED display industry cluster at home and abroad. In fact, these industry clusters are not really integrated into the Internet. Gene, from product research and development, production and sales in the region is still "new bottles of old wine", the brand value of the screen enterprise has not been fully activated and released.

        In the context of the era of big interconnection, it is necessary to make full use of Internet thinking and models, based on regional industrial characteristics and industrial advantages, to create an "Internet industry cluster + screen enterprise brand", and use the Internet platform to shape and spread the brand influence of regional LED display products It has become the endorsement brand of local industrial enterprise brands, accelerating the process of regional industrialization and marketization.

        At the same time, relying on a single regional industrial brand cannot fully enlarge and strengthen the regional overall industry and realize the brand development of the LED display industry in the era of big interconnection. It is also necessary to create a regional industrial brand cluster with strong competitiveness and premium. In addition, screen companies should also consider how to use the advantages of the Internet in production, marketing channels, brand communication, marketing services and user relationship maintenance to tap more brand innovation points and value-added points, thereby promoting the upgrading of industrial cluster brands to "Internet +"Industrial brand, get more brand premium.

        Find the right innovation

        In the era of endless innovation, the branding of LED display companies does not have a fixed standard and form, but based on the differences in characteristics of regional industries and LED screen companies, they have different forms of presentation. Therefore, on the basis of brand building, screen companies first need their own "innovation points", such as innovative technologies and services that are different from similar products in the market, and then use the promotion advantages of the Internet platform to expand the brand's influence.

        At the same time, "Internet + brand" is not a simple superposition of the Internet and the screen enterprise brand, but on the basis of accurately grasping the characteristics of the enterprise brand, looking for the entry point and innovation point of integrating the Internet to truly create more influential and value creation Powerful "Internet + Brand".

        As we all know, the low-end market of the LED display industry has been the backbone of industrial development for many years, but in recent years, with the intensification of industrial competition, especially the frequent price wars, this "low threshold" market has shown the trend of the Red Sea. The problems of homogenization of products and weak after-sales service capabilities have added a bit of bloody smell to this Red Sea. However, they want to switch to the high-end market with a high technical threshold and strong rivals. Many screen companies are unable to catch up with the "brand" image. Under the trend of industrial Internet, many powerful screen companies in many sub-sectors also have more Multiple opportunities to deepen your own market brand, so as to take the opportunity to expand the influence of the market brand, and successfully transition to the high-end market.

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