Self-service vending machine customization

2020-06-03 14:48:18 hongling

Vending machine (Vending Machine, VEM) is a machine that can automatically pay for goods based on the coins invested. Vending machine is a common equipment for commercial automation. It is not limited by time and location, which can save manpower and facilitate transactions. It is a brand-new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. Can be divided into three types: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, comprehensive vending machines.

Integrated vending machine


Vending machine features

       ● Super large capacity. Narrow border large area glass window, LED lighting, luxury and high-end, intuitive product display.

   ● The machine is reserved for expansion and can be combined into a super-capacity vending machine at any time.

   ● Adopt international MDB standard design, comply with international DEX standard, and can support various international general standard peripherals.

   ● Can accept banknotes, coins and coin change function, WeChat, Alipay scan code payment, cloud background management system + WeChat cloud background.

   ● Custom IC card shipment.

   ● Can simultaneously sell a variety of small foods and refrigerated canned, bottled, boxed, bagged and other beverages, the product has a wide range of applications.

  ● The microcomputer control system is equipped with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

   ● The size of the merchandise channel can be changed at any time, flexibly adapted to various types of merchandise of different sizes.

   ● Modular refrigeration system, easy to maintain;

  ● The refrigeration system uses R134a fluorine-free refrigerant, which meets the international green environmental protection requirements.

  ● The standard grating shipping inspection system.

  ● The temperature inside the machine has digital display, and the refrigeration temperature can be set by yourself.

  ● Leakage protection function.

●Background management function: you can log in to the web system on your mobile phone or computer, enter the account password, and view your machine's sales data and operating conditions, such as inventory, sales, sales time, the number of types of goods sold, and paper coin devices Whether the channel is normal and other data.

Optional function:

   ● Customizable IC card payment, Alipay face-to-face payment, QR code payment, APP shipping or other payment methods. The machine supports 232 computer serial port control. Customizable paper money change. Recharge card issuing system.

   ● Support UnionPay QuickPass, QuickPass, Financial IC Pay, APPPLE PAY, Samsung Pay, NFC mobile payment.

   ● Customizable surveillance camera, GPRS anti-theft alarm system can be set, with remote monitoring, monitoring, alarm, shouting, video recording and other functions.

  ● Customizable "spring-type warehouse", "crawler warehouse", "hook warehouse", "large-capacity warehouse" multiple warehouse modes, easy to sell various goods.

  ● The machine can expand the networking function and can form a cluster self-service sales network at any time.

  ● Heating system.

Automation is the future development trend, whether it is manufacturing, service or retail. We will all see more equipment replacing labor. Under such a big trend, the prospect of the vending machine industry is bright.