LED display classification

2020-06-03 14:40:10 hongling

LED display classification

    Monochrome LED display

    Monochrome LED display, as the name suggests, is that there is only one color of the screen backlight, most of which are stylish blue or green backlight, of course, there are other uncommon single colors, such as red, yellow and so on. Most monochromatic LED display screens use red, because the luminous efficiency of red is higher, you can get higher brightness, you can also use green, or mixed colors, that is, part of red, green and yellow.

    Two-color LED display

    The two-color LED display is to put red and green LEDs together as an LED display made by one pixel. Each pixel has two primary colors of red and green, and yellow can be superimposed. Under the control of gray scale, up to 65535 colors can be combined through the change of different gray scales of red and green.

    Full color LED display

    The full-color LED display will put the red, green and blue LED tubes together as a pixel LED display. The full-color LED display is also called three primary colors. Each pixel has three primary colors of red, green and blue. Under the condition of gray scale control, through the changes of red, green and blue different gray scales, the colors of the natural world can be restored well. 16777216 colors are combined.

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