Does the seamless splicing screen really have no seams?

2020-06-03 14:40:56 hongling

The seamless splicing screen does not seem to be blocked between the screens?

Does the seamless splicing screen really have no seams? The second is that seamless splicing screens are widely used in large-screen display occasions, such as video conferences, exhibition halls, and command and dispatch centers. You may often hear the concept of seamless splicing screen display techniques, but we all know that There are seams, so the seamless splicing screen seems not to be blocked between the screens?

  1. What kind of skills does the seamless splicing screen show?

  The seamless splicing screen can be called a title. It still belongs to the LCD category, but it appears seamlessly through certain technologies. The specific technical principle is to use the original LCD splicing panel. After removing the frame, add a special customized light-emitting chip on the side and integrate it into a lens to form a light-emitting band with a width of about 100. 1 cm, it seems to be directly connected to the frame of the LCD screen. In this way, when the boot is opened, the entire LED part will follow the lighting, and the part blocked by the seam can be recovered, and the intention of the recovery picture is reached.

  This technology can also be electronically called LCD seamless splicing screen and LED hybrid display skills, and now it can provide a 55-inch one specification model, mainly for meeting rooms, data presentation.

  Second, the seamless splicing screen has no seams at all?

  The main feature of the seamless splicing screen is that no seams appear, so after the multi-screen splicing, the physical seams of the entire large screen are completely eliminated. After the above picture, we can see the entire 3*4 seamless large screen presentation. Compared with traditional LCD screens, seamless LCD splicing screens have no physical black borders, the entire screen is better, and the color, illuminance and brightness are still common with LCD screens.

  Therefore, the seamless splicing screen has no physical seams, not only no seams, but also retains all the technical advantages of the LCD screen, its resolution can still reach 1920 * 1080p, and the life span can reach 100,000 hours. The request was launched again.

  The seamless splicing screen shows the introduction of technology, because the entire splicing screen has huge market demand. On the one hand, users like the high-definition resolution and high illuminance of LCD splicing screens, but they also avoid the seam problem. On the one hand, although the LED display screen has no fear, its resolution is too low, and the post-dead light rate is too high, many users are difficult to choose. Seamless LCD splicing screen undoubtedly blends the advantages of LCD screen and LED screen, making it a better solution.