Advantages of Teaching-in-One Machine

2019-08-29 10:52:44

Advantages of Teaching-in-One Machine

In the 21st century, teaching is not only a simple way to chew words, but also a wealth of extra-curricular knowledge to make up for teaching. Multimedia teaching machine can help you solve these problems.

Multimedia teaching machine, which combines blackboard, audio, projection, computer, tablet computer, television and other functions, replaces the original teaching mode. Here are three advantages of the teaching-in-one machine:

1. Mobilizing interest in learning in the use of integrated computer teaching in Chinese teaching in a multi-faceted way to show students a better world. Computer-aided teaching in one is more vivid, vivid and three-dimensional than other teaching methods in color, animation and expression, which is incomparable with other teaching methods and greatly stimulates students'interest in learning. It can use the animation effect of "flash" to produce vivid and interesting pictures or MTV related to the content of this article, which can open students'eyes, stimulate students' interest in learning, and produce good visual effects. For example, in teaching the first grade of "The Color of Spring Rain", I play the scenery of nature when spring rains on the computer. Under the vivid image of the picture, students are like all kinds of birds. The feeling of being in the scene can better understand the content of the text. Such a sense of freshness can not only eliminate the children's freedom from the rain to a certain extent. The exhaustion brought about by sitting in class for a long time can greatly mobilize students'initiative and participation in learning, and truly achieve the goal of teaching and enjoying.

2. Stimulating Reading Interest

Due to the effective participation of all-in-one machine in classroom teaching, students'interest in learning can be stimulated in a real multi-dimensional, multi-angle and three-dimensional way, students' enthusiasm and creativity can be mobilized, so as to overcome the shortcomings of single traditional teaching means and dull classroom atmosphere, effectively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching and achieve a comparative classroom teaching. Optimize. After learning the lesson "Traveller Tree", the students proposed to go to the plant kingdom. So I led the students to the plant kingdom. I open the Internet and search on it. Take your classmates to the "Kunming World Horticultural Exposition Center" for a tour. After the roaming, the students collected all kinds of information and wrote their own documents about the content they were interested in and their feelings. It can be seen that the integrated computer network teaching provides students with such vivid, rich and fast resources, so that students can broaden their horizons while learning texts, and cultivate students'feelings of exploring nature and interest in reading.

3. Enhancing the Visuality of Teaching

In traditional teaching, the teaching of Chinese reading in junior middle school has been only staying at the level of "preaching", with single means, stereotyped methods and few teaching aids. It can not better mobilize students'subjective initiative, let alone the combination of teaching and learning. However, integrated computer teaching is not the case. It can be shown in many forms, especially in audio, video, visual and audiovisual demonstrations for students. As mentioned in the above example, "Yellow Crane Tower Sends Meng Haoran's Guangling" is an ancient article, which enables students to appreciate the mood of farewell and show it vividly and vividly. Originally, ancient Chinese is a dull article for students to learn, but through the computer-aided teaching, students'subjective initiative has been greatly mobilized. Furthermore, in teaching, the relationship between teachers and students is the relationship between the instructor and the educated. There are differences in the status between the two. This is also the main reason for the formation of junior high school students'reading psychological barriers. Students' subjective initiative can not be brought into full play as much as possible, while the integration machine can remove this barrier and make students strong. Strong desire to conquer, in order to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so that students'initiative can be fully exploited, so that teaching and learning can be organically combined.

Of course, the application of integrated computer teaching is only a supplementary means after all. It can not replace the teacher's explanation and dialing, the language itself, and all the means of language teaching. In the process of application, how to make it right and easy requires continuous practice and exploration in the future and the brainstorming of colleagues. As long as our language teachers can emancipate their minds and dare to try, they will surely be able to combine the teaching of Chinese reading with an organic means, thus achieving good results in the teaching of Chinese reading.