What are the functions of high-quality vertical screen advertising machine

2020-06-03 14:41:36 hongling

What are the functions of high-quality vertical screen advertising machine

Function selection

No matter what type of LCD advertising machine, parameter configuration directly determines its performance. This includes the brightness, resolution, response time, service life, and multimedia functions of the advertising machine. These users can choose according to their own needs.


Style selection

1. Building wall-mounted advertising machine: the hanging type is used for information release of local area networks in buildings, buildings and office places.

2. LCD advertising machine: This type is mostly installed in the elevator car. There are single screen and one drag one or two styles to choose from, achieving ultra-thin, free split-screen display.

3. Vertical screen advertising machine: The so-called vertical is the form of standing on the ground. The industry understands the concept of floor-standing, three-dimensional, etc. There are horizontal and vertical vertical screen design appearance.


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Price analysis

The large screen of vertical screen LCD advertising machine is naturally much more expensive than the small screen, and the price and quality of LCD screen brands are very different. In this regard, CTS Intelligence has always adopted BOE, AUO, LG, which is the most reliable in the world The production of LED LCD screens, of course, the price of high-quality products is much more expensive than some domestic brands or second-hand screens. This is invisible when buying products, and must be understood after the product has been used for a period of time.