Advertising Machine's Advantage in Today's Society

2019-08-29 10:50:46

Advertising Machine's Advantage in Today's Society

Nowadays, more and more enterprises or media companies begin to use advertising machines to solve the problem. Advertising machines replace the previous posters, leaflets and a lot of manpower and material resources. Advertising machine will bring many benefits to the company.

1. Save operation cost and update information timely

Compared with traditional print advertisement, the solution of advertisement machine adopts digital information transmission, saves a lot of printing cost, shortens waiting time and meets the requirements of green environment protection, and information content can be updated and released at any time.

2. Animation advertisements are easier to create amazing effects.

In real life, video broadcasting will attract more and more attention. Compared with the traditional static picture, the use of diversified forms of expression will attract more people's attention when advertising machine broadcasting promotions, related information and news, which is superior to the effect of print advertising and its outstanding, compared with television advertising, it will return to the first feature - price advantage.

3. Give you an opportunity to earn extra money

In some application sites, advertisers can let users get profits from advertisements, such as large shopping centers, operators can rent advertisers to suppliers in different time periods and locations, helping suppliers to improve sales and brand awareness, but also to enhance their popularity.

4. Expanding "Inventory" in Retail Points

On the retail side, some retail stores have limited commodity exhibitions and cannot display all commodities to a greater extent and satisfy customers'shopping needs. With the help of a unified network of advertising machines, retailers can display their entire line of commodities at each retail outlet. By combining with mobile e-commerce, customers can shop flexibly so as to make the retailers more flexible. Every retail store's "inventory" can be unlimited, of course, sales are unlimited.

5. Advertisers can be tools for interaction with customers

Advertisers can act as an additional salesperson or customer service representative. When the staff concerned are busy, they can set up advertisers to show specific content to the customers waiting for service, which not only relieves the boredom of the waiting process, improves the expenditure experience, but also promotes their own brand through information promotion, so as to enhance customer satisfaction. Intention and desire to buy.

6. Ability to control display to content viewers at will

Users can play or close the relevant display information at will according to the actual situation, including time nodes, traffic conditions and so on, to ensure the greater efficiency of information transmission.