Touch Control Unit Advertising Unit Conference Teaching Unit

2019-08-29 10:48:03

Touch Control Unit Advertising Unit Conference Teaching Unit

Many friends will feel strange when they hear the name of touch-integrated machine. In fact, most of us have used touch-integrated machine in our lives. Such as KTV's song-calling machine, bank's number-taking machine and touch-screen advertisement machine in shopping malls are all touch-controlled machines. The so-called touch integrated computer refers to a computer that integrates the host computer, touch screen and LCD screen. It only needs a power cord to start the computer. Generally speaking, touch-screen computers and tablets used in our life belong to a kind of touch-integrated computers, but touch-integrated computers mostly refer to interactive display computers used in commerce.

The advantage of touch integrated computer over other computers is that it is very convenient and fast. Firstly, there is no separate structure between the host and the display screen. The feature that only one power line can be used to start makes it very easy to install the touch integrated machine, which is very suitable for public use. Secondly, the touch-control integrated machine has no complicated operating procedures and keyboard input, and even people who do not know how to use the computer can operate easily. Next, we will introduce the specific functions of touch-integrated machine, which will give you a deeper understanding of touch-integrated machine.

As a touch-integrated computer, touch-integrated computer has the functions of general computer, such as TV function, Internet function and so on. The touch integrated computer supports 32-bit color HD display, which enables it to play various advertisements, movies and other video files. The touch integrated computer can access the Internet as far as 30 meters away. It can also connect keyboard, mouse and other input devices by wired or wireless way. It is as convenient to operate as the ordinary home computer. After connecting the steering wheel, handle, dance blanket and other external equipment, the touch integrated machine can be transformed into a game machine, racing car, shooting, dancing and even large-scale online games through the touch integrated experience.

The prominent function of touch control integrated machine is its touch function. Most of the mainstream touch-in-one computers in the market use multi-point infrared touch screen, so although the touch-in-one screen is large, it is sensitive to use and will not delay. Touch control machine can touch any object smoothly, but finger or pen point can easily realize the function of handwriting and painting.

Touch control integrated machine has excellent and humanized touch function, which can be used as information interactive terminal of various groups in many public places. For example, it can be used as a shopping guide in shopping malls, not only convenient for customers to find, but also as advertising propaganda. It can replace traditional equipment such as screen projector and DVD player in commercial occasions. It can also be used as electronic inquiry equipment or even video surveillance equipment in banks and other places. It can be said that touch-controlled integrated machine has penetrated into all aspects of our lives.