What types of touch screens are available in advertising machines and what touch screens work well?

2019-08-29 10:46:57

What types of touch screens are available in advertising machines and what touch screens work well?

A good touch-in-one advertising machine can not be separated from a good touch screen. Today, let's briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various touch screens.

Touch screens are a large category. Touch screens contain many small categories, such as 1) capacitive touch screens, 2) resistive touch screens, 3) infrared touch screens, 4) surface acoustic touch screens and so on.

In order to operate conveniently, people use touch screen instead of mouse or keyboard. When working, we must first touch the touch screen with fingers or other objects, and then the system locates and selects information input according to the position of the icon or menu touched by fingers.

Touch screen is composed of touch detection component and touch screen controller. Touch detection component is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user's touch position and receive the backward touch screen controller. The main function of touch screen controller is to receive touch information from touch point detection device and convert it into contact coordinates. It can also receive commands from the CPU and execute them.

According to the working principle of touch screen and the medium of transmitting information, we divide touch screen into four types: resistance type, capacitance induction type, infrared type and surface acoustic wave type.

Touch screen is a positioning device, which plays an input function and establishes human-computer interaction.

Touch screens are divided into resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen.

What touch screen advertisers have a long life?

Touch screen contrast:

1. Resistance Touch Screen

- Not afraid of water and dirt

_ - With the cost advantage of small size, it is suitable for industrial control products and personal portable products.

_-Fear of scratches, low transmittance, low temperature retardation

2. Capacitance Touch Screen

_-drift, easy partial failure

_ - The human body becomes part of the circuit and wearing gloves does not work.

- High requirements for humidity, temperature, grounding, etc.

3. Infrared Touch Screen

- High sensitivity and stability

_ - External or built-in, without affecting the appearance of the display

_-anti-light interference

- Good riot-proof performance

- Touch of any object

-Closed maintenance-free, adapted to harsh environment

- Maintenance-free after installation

What touch screen advertisers have a long life?

4. Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen

- New and easy to use, suitable for short-term products

_ - Fear of water, fear of ash, need to be maintained

_-transmitting transducer is fragile and has a repairing rate.

Because of the advantages of infrared touch screen and the affordable price, it has been widely used in advertising machines by manufacturers. Let's take a brief look at some information about infrared touch screens, which are commonly used nowadays.

The working principle of infrared touch screen:

The working principle of the infrared touch screen is that the infrared receiving tubes and the infrared emitting tubes are all around the touch screen. These infrared tubes are arranged one to one on the surface of the touch screen, forming an infrared optical network. When an object (finger, glove or any touching object) enters the infrared optical network, it blocks the infrared radiation somewhere. When the line is transmitted and received, the intensity of the infrared ray received by the receiving tube in both directions will change. The device can know where to touch by understanding the change of the infrared ray reception. Because of the working principle of the infrared touch screen itself, it can work without pressure (referring to the pressure exerted by the touch body on the touch screen itself) when used, so the infrared touch screen can work without glass.

Through hardware design and software programming, the infrared touch screen can interpolate the data of each point and achieve a resolution of 4096 X 4096. At the same moment when the infrared touch screen is working, only a pair of infrared tubes (a transmitter and a receiver corresponding to the physical position) are working on the data. The circuit achieves the rapid response effect by collecting the high frequency data of the infrared touch screen, so the response speed of the touch screen is very fast.

_Infrared Touch Screen is composed of alloy frame, infrared pair tube, integrated circuit board and strip chip, anti-glare chemical toughened glass. The touch is realized by coordinate locking of the tube through infrared on the outer frame. Infrared touch-control integrated machine is composed of full HD1080P full HD LCD, computer accessories and infrared touch screen. Grafting technology is used to integrate the original complex machines.