What should we pay attention to when choosing a touch-in-one case

2019-08-29 10:45:53

What should we pay attention to when choosing a touch-in-one case

Nowadays, touch-in-one machine has been applied in many fields. It also provides us with a lot of convenience and becomes a part of our life. When we choose touch-in-one machine, we know that it mainly consists of LCD screen, touch screen, computer host and shell. So, in addition to the LCD screen and touch screen we mentioned earlier, what problems should users pay attention to in the selection of touch-in-one case?

First point: "Yan Jun"

In this age of facial control, a good shape can often be recognized in time. The appearance of touch screen integrated machine is the most important factor to attract people. It determines the sales of enterprise products and whether it is pleasant and simple to use.

Second point: "meticulous"

Touch screen integrator shell baking machine greatly affects the beauty, not only that, baking machine is also to prevent rust and fall off, to ensure that the use of a long time inside and outside rust. If the anti-rust is not well done, the appearance will foam and even the paint will fall off. Good baking paint such as touch must be smooth and beautiful, no protrusion, color for a long time does not change color.

Third point: "Convenience"

A good touch-in-one machine is not only superior in the internal parts, but also in the external structure. The selection of cabinet should consider the installation, size, height, embedded and other issues. It should be convenient for the installation and disassembly of the fuselage, and convenient for modification or maintenance.

Fourth point: security

The internal safety of the shell of a touch query integrated machine includes circuit design, socket safety, leakage protection, overload protection and good heat dissipation effect. External Safety: Thickness of material, safety of external interface, safety of operation and stability of placement.