Analysis of Three Touch Screen Technologies of LCD Advertising Machine

2019-08-29 10:45:02

Analysis of Three Touch Screen Technologies of LCD Advertising Machine

The three touch screen technologies of LCD advertising machine refer to nano touch screen, infrared touch screen and capacitive touch screen. When users first know their price, however, the price of different touch screen modes of LCD advertising machine varies greatly, which will perplex users when they purchase LCD advertising machine. As for which one is better? It can only be said that there is no good, only suitable, one price, one quality. LCD advertising machine manufacturers can talk about infrared technology from the perspective of industry development, more mature than nanometer technology, the reaction time is so many microseconds, but nanometer life is longer than infrared, and nano products into the tea table is waterproof, ash-proof and explosion-proof! And it's lighter. The touch sensitivity of capacitor is higher than that of nanometer, which is not affected by the light environment. Moreover, the products made of capacitor are more sensitive, explosion-proof and stable than that of nanometer tea table.

LCD Advertising Machine Nano Touch Screen Features:

This is a very cost-effective, because nano-touch film is a transparent film, can accurately sense the touch of the hand or across the base, is the core component of touch screen and other precise positioning devices, to solve the problem of precise touch positioning achievements. It is composed of PET film, nanowire, control circuit board and drive software. The cost is the lowest among the three parts.

LCD Advertising Machine Infrared Touch Screen Features:

Infrared touch screen detects and locates user's touch by using infrared matrix densely distributed in X and Y directions. The infrared touch screen is equipped with a circuit board outer frame in front of the indicator. The circuit board is arranged with infrared emitters and infrared receivers on the four sides of the screen, which correspond to each other in a horizontal and vertical cross infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, his finger will block the vertical and horizontal infrared rays of the position, so that he can or she can determine the position of the touch point on the screen. External touch screen is a highly integrated electronic road integration product. Infrared touch screen consists of a complete integrated control circuit, a set of high precision, anti-interference infrared emitters and a set of infrared receivers. The two opposite directions of the cross device on the highly integrated circuit board constitute an invisible infrared grating. The intelligent control system embedded in the control circuit continuously emits pulses to the diode to form an infrared polarization beam grid. When touching objects such as fingers enter the grating, the beam is blocked. The intelligent control system detects the change of light loss and transmits flag lights to the control system to confirm the coordinate values of X and Y axes.

Characteristic of LCD Advertising Machine Capacitor Touch Screen

Touch screen is a transparent relative positioning system. First of all, it must be transparent. Transparent achievements are solved by material technology. Secondly, it can give the relative coordinates of the finger touch, and the mouse belongs to the relative positioning system. The characteristic of the relative coordinate system is that the coordinates of each location have nothing to do with the coordinates of the last location. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system, and the position of each touch is converted to the coordinates of the screen.