Advertising Machine's Advantage over Traditional Display Equipment

2019-08-29 10:44:07

Advertising Machine's Advantage over Traditional Display Equipment

Advertising machines are very similar to traditional LCD devices, but as a dedicated display terminal, advertising machines are more professional in some aspects.

Software functions:

One: The single board card software is specially designed for the function of advertisement machine, which can realize the functions of plug-in card automatic playback, video automatic rotation, button control and human body induction.

Second: Android advertising machine can be customized, support app Android, powerful functions; support a variety of pattern decoding, built-in storage devices, timing switch, etc.

2. The network version advertisement machine supports remote client control. It can remotely control the broadcasting content through the network, randomly differentiate the broadcasting area, and display video, image, text, time, weather forecast and other contents together. As long as the network connection is established, the software can be processed by the client without the need for personnel to operate on site. Complete remote control of advertising machine, upload, download and delete storage devices.

Structural stability:

First: Commodity positioning (stability): The components selected by the advertising machine are all industrial LCD screens. The motherboard and power supply are all high-security devices. In specific occasions, they work continuously for 18 hours or even 24 hours.

2. The outer shell of the advertising machine is made up of non-burning materials. When exposed to open fire, it will only deform but not ignite, which greatly increases the safety in public places.

Third: Based on the requirements of advertising machines, the requirements for the display screen are more stringent: the display effect is more beautiful, has a sense of visual impact, the contrast rate is better, and the visual angle is also wider. LCD advertisers usually appear in open land and have good lighting. The brightness of traditional LCD devices is difficult to meet the requirements, so the brightness is higher.