How to Prevent the Disturbance Caused by Static Electricity of LCD Splice Screen

2019-08-29 10:40:04

How to Prevent the Disturbance Caused by Static Electricity of LCD Splice Screen

In the cold and dry winter of winter, we often encounter such phenomena in our daily life: when we take off our clothes and sleep at night, we often hear the cracking motion in the darkness, accompanied by blue light. When we meet and shake hands, when we touch each other, we will suddenly feel the prickling pain of the fingertips, which makes us astonished when we get up and comb our hair in the morning. Hair will often "float" up, the more disorderly, door handle, tap will be "shocked", often issued "click, click" motions, which occurs in the body of static electricity. The so-called static electricity is a kind of charge in a stop state or inactive charge. It can be said that static electricity is ubiquitous. In the application of LCD splicing screen, static electricity also forms a certain disturbance.

1. Insulation

The so-called insulation is that the LCD splicing screen with metal and power connections as far as possible to paste insulating tape, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

2. Line and Line Separation

When wiring, the VGA wire is separated from the power line. Because the usual VGA wire has no shielding layer, it is very simple to walk with the power line to cause static electricity.

3. Grounding

The so-called grounding is the direct discharge of static electricity to the earth through wires, which is also the direct and effective way to prevent static electricity.

Static electricity is a rule of nature, we can not completely eradicate its occurrence, so what we can do is to minimize its damage to the splicing of large screens. Usually in the process of debugging and using LCD spliced screen, when multi-line ripple appears on the screen, static electricity is mostly disturbed by static electricity; static electricity can absorb dust to reduce insulation resistance, discharging damage makes components unable to work, discharging occurs electromagnetic disturbance and other damage, and many of these damage have. Long-term and randomness. When the static electricity around the splicing screen is relatively large, it may disturb the video signal, or damage the chip at the interface of the splicing system, or even seriously affect the display function of the large screen. Other LCD splicing screens may present abnormal behavior such as unstable signal transmission, jitter and glitter in the use of customers. In addition to the loosening of line interface and cable manufacturing technology, it may be electrostatic disturbance. If there are high-voltage cabinets, computer rooms, capacitors, resistors and other circuit components around, we must pay attention to this uncontrollable factor when we plan to supply LCD spliced screen devices.